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Snook,Reds, and Trout, Oh My!!!

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Hello everyone! Welcome to my latest fishing report! It has been a very busy season so far. We are cruising into summer and the fishing has been awesome! Bait catching has been consistent this year. Last year we struggled every day for our live bait, making it a little more challenging. Not this year! Bait is good and the fish are responding! Here is what is happeningı
Snook have made their way out of the backcountry and are slowly stacking up around the passes. The large females have been cruising the points and outer edges of the beaches. They are eating large sardines or grunts I have trapped the night before. Most of the jetties are holding snook too. There are a variety of sizes of fish on the rock jetties. Some rocks are holding redfish and large trout as well! Snook are closed until September 1st so catch and release is the only option. We always handle them carefully for a picture and release them back to the water.
Tarpon are beginning to migrate up the coast. There are a few fish showing up on the beaches, but they havenıt gotten here in the numbers they will be in June. South Tampa Bay has had thousands of tarpon pouring through the mouth of the Bay so it wonıt be too long before they make their way to north Pinellas County in reliable numbers. Cut bait or ıchunkingı is a popular way to attract tarpon to a bite. Also staging up in their travel lanes and floating baits directly in front of them is effective as well.
Redfish are responding best for me on the higher tides. I am still finding them in the creek mouths and under the mangroves during the incoming tides. Live pinfish with a small split shot are getting pounded. Also cut pinfish skipped into the openings of the mangrove limbs is a great way to bring fish in looking for the source of the scent. Most fish caught in this manner a large fish giving you a fight you wonıt forget!
Trout are gathering well along the grass flats near the passes. 4 ı 8 feet of water has been best. Sand hole mixed into these deep flats have held all sizes of trout. Ladyfish and the occasional mackerel will be lurking around too. A handful of chummed baits usually gets the action started. Several keeper trot can be found by moving around the flat, casting to the edges of the sandholes close the the underwater grass edges.
There are plenty of things to hook out there right now so call me at 727-365-7560 e-mail through my site to book your memorable day on the water. For you locals, read my ıCaptains Cornerı article the 4th and 20th of each month in the Tampa Bay Times! Donıt hesitate to book a summer trip with me! Letıs go fishing!

Capt. Brian

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