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Hello everyone. Welcome to my latest fishing report! Fall is trying to get here in Florida, but the warm days are holding on. We've had a couple of cool fronts come through, which has brought some new fish to the waters. Here is what is happening out here right now.
Kingfish have started their initial push into the area. They are being caught within the 3 - 8 mile range over the hard bottom areas holding pods of bait fish. Slow trolling baits has been very effective for hooking up. Once they are located I like to anchor and start chumming with sardines. That will bring them closer behind the boat. Then we can lay out flat lines and hook Kings as well as Spanish Mackerel and even a few Sharks! The Spanish Mackerel can get thick as thieves when chumming and waiting for a Kingfish. They will keep us busy with action once schooled up in the chum line.
Large Redfish have also made there way onto the flats. I've heard reports of some Reds over 35 inches being caught in the Clearwater area. My clients have landed some in the 32 inch range lately. Some of the nearshore reefs had had a migration of these big breeder fish. However, not all of the Redfish are that size. We have had a big push of smaller 'rat' Reds around the oyster bars and edges of the flats in the potholes. The best bites continue to come when leading up to the new or full moon tides.
Snook are definitely inhabiting the back country bays now. There are very few around the beaches. Initially stopping on the way east, around the spoil islands, they have gathered in canals, creek mouths and docks on the main shore. There are several small Snook willing to eat. The bigger females have wised up over the summer months and are proving harder to get.
Trout are starting to mix with the abundance of mullet schools. When floating pinfish or sardines under corks while targeting Redfish in the mullet, we are getting the larger 20 inch plus Trout. Smaller undersized Trout are in the usual spots over the grass flats. Throwing a handful of chummed baits will give their location away quickly. Be ready to cast in the vicinity iof any blow ups on the chum to get hooked up fast!
The weather is beautiful, not too hot and very pleasant. Let's get out there and catch some fish and enjoy the great sights of west central Florida. Please call 727-365-7560 or email through my website to book your special day on the water with me, Capt. Brian. See ya soon! Let's go fishing!

Capt. Brian

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