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Spring is Upon Us!

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Hello everyone. Thanks for reading my report over the years. I'm going into my 14th year of professionally guiding and it's been great! I look forward to many more years of assisting my established clients and all of the new ones in catching plenty of fish and having a special day on the waters of West Central Florida... Here is what's going on out here!
As the waters continue to creep up to the mid 70's, Snook have begun to migrate towards the beaches. Along the way they are stopping at the spoil islands in the intercoastal, and the inside beach areas of the barrier islands such as Honeymoon and Caladesi Islands, as well as Three Rooker Bar and Anclote Island. Although live bait has been more difficult this year than years past, the sardines we've netted are mostly large, perfect sizes for a big Snook! Snook will prefer to eat a big bait, offering a higher source of protein, in preparation for their spawn season. They key is continuing to make long casts, letting the bait do the work. The baits will swim naturally, attracting the fish to it's scent and vibration. A huge mistake people make is to try to create too much activity on their own. Snook are very leery of unusual behavior in a live bait and tend to stay away, especially if the baits are being pulled uptide in the current. We are focusing on deeper holes and cuts that have always held the Snook year after year.
Redfishing has been very good around the high tides. Although there aren't many large schools of two - three hundred fish we see in April, there are pockets of fish along the mangroves and oyster bars. I am searching for them against the bushes, halfway into the high tides. Once located, they tend to inhabit that area through the tides, moving deeper into cover of the mangroves. Live shrimp are a favorite, but also cut pinfish or greenbacks work well also. The Redfish have ranged from 16 inches to 32 inch whoppers!
Trout are definitely in a migrational phase. The spoil island that proved so successful over the last few months are becoming inconsistent. Although fish are being caught there, they are also starting to show up along the beaches in the same troughs and trenches the Snook are. That's a sign that they will soon be there in full force, abandoning the backcountry. I still love to get customers on a good Trout bite. They can be so cooperative, giving anglers a flurry of action once located.
Offshore action had heated up with the Kingfish coming into the 3 to 9 mile range. The few days I was able to get out there we hooked too many kings to count! Lately there have been high winds preventing us from attempting it. Although there were more Kings than Spanish Mackerel, they shouldn't be far behind. Grouper have been biting too, but only Red grouper are open in my region. Gags should hopefully re-open on July 1st.
Well that's the report for now! We are going into my favorite month of fishing in Florida. The month of May will see the arrival of the 'Silver Kings', another name for Tarpon! Please don't hesitate to call now to book a trip with me and get a chance to hook one of these monsters! I'm booking up the good tides, but I have a few holes left. Call 727-365-7560 or email from my website, Thanks again everyone! Let's go fishing!

Capt. Brian

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